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Knight security (Kdass) founded in 1999; They introduced highly disciplined and trained Security Company in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula. It has been designed as a B2C and B2B solution targeting the entire community; they envision to make every individual aware of the threats and how to deal with the same.



Kdass company hired us for Design and Develop a Knight SOTA app. This Knights Sota app is available for everyone. This security feature is just a Tap away. A user has to download this app and fill a registration form after that Knights Sota's admin team will approve that User Registration. In this app User can send the threat notification in an emergency situation and after that Knight Sota support team react accordingly and provide help immediately. (Android icon) (iOS iCon)



Designing was a crucial stage as we had to ensure that Kdass website and Knight Sota app embodied the high end feeling and could cut the clutter with absolutely zero ads or distracting images or even extreme branding. It was essential to direct the focus of the users on to the content and keep the layout minimal. And, to make the app beneficial and useful, we avoided the lengthy articles and supplemented them with the summary in the first short; if users want an in-depth knowledge they have an option to read the complete article in length, this helped in saving the users time and keep their attention on the subject.

While giving the personality to the brand, we wanted to drive on the principles of trust and solution and hence chose ‘Blue’ as the primary brand color. A logo has been kept simple as we wanted to communicate that we are here to make life simpler. The layout of the app is, and screens have just one information at a time. The splash screens help guides users to understand the app in a fraction of seconds.


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