UX Design vs UI Design | What's the Difference? Which one is right for me?

ByPrince Pal July 24, 2018

UX Designer

Description User Experience (UX) design focuses on the interaction between the user and the system, and whether or not this interaction is visually and mentally satisfying. A UX Designer is aware of the contextual information and hoes content will fit into it. Example At StarTrek.com, a UX designer first carefully identifies the users of the site and develops personas that will help determine the features that are developed and the information hierarchy that will dictate the user flow from page-to-page.

UI Designer

Description User Interface (1.11) design is a sub-discipline of UX, where a designer focuses on the interaction between the user and the product they are building. Ul designers also tend to have a hand in the visual design of elements on the page within a product. Example The Ul designer at StarTrek.com is busy perfecting the design that is driven by the research provided by the UX designer. The Ul designer is focused on making sure that the design of the site is consistent from page-to-page to develop a consistent style that enhances the brand overall.




The best Video I ever found regarding UI vs UX.



  • I hope the article helped you understand basic concepts in UI and UX design. I’d love to hear any feedback or any thoughts on the post. You can send me an email at palprince@gmail.com  
  • Ending the post with one of my favorite quotes about design…

    “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”

    Steve Jobs




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