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By February 3, 2019

Are you confuse between logo and brand?

I asked the same question to small business owners and entrepreneurs “ What’s the difference between A logo and brand name”, Most of them replied that “ Both are the same thing&rdquo, and “ Is not a logo and brand same thing?”

Absolutely No, Let me tell you that brand name and Logo both are different things but work together. Here I am defining how both are different from each other.

What is Logo?

A good logo is an Identification of a business which can be a mark, icon, specified color which often includes the Business name and brand’s message.

Make sure your logo should able to induce an emotion & some memories to the consumers to build a relationship with the brand.
“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark” Jay Danzie

What is Brand?

A brand is an experience with consumers when they start recognizing you and your business in your marketplace. A brand is your goodwill in the market that differentiates and identifies you from another business, product, and services.

“A great brand has 4 critical elements, great product or service, great design, great ambassadors and a great story”  Nathan Chan
“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”  Jeff Bezos

Logo and Brand

Now you must be thinking that how your business becomes the Brand?

Here are some points which will help you to know:-

  • How you doing messaging and communication with your consumers

  • How well your visual design (logo, Website, Print material,) performing

  • Are you targeting your desired audience

  • Voice/Influencer of your business

  • Are you collecting reviews/experience of your consumers?

To differentiate the Logo and Brand,  let’s consider Nike as an example.
As above I defined a logo is a shape that company’s owner used to represent their company like Nike uses swoosh, Apple Inc using half-eaten apple, McDonald’s golden arches (M), But here the main question is what makes them a Brand.

For this Let’s talk about Nike

It is an iconic swoosh sign which represents the clear and simple shape of motion and speed and Names Nike is derived from the reek Winged which mean Goddess of Victory. Why I am telling this because it should be related to what you are presenting to the world logo and impact creates the emotional and intellectual memory to the consumers.

Nike Uses many Branding strategies like sports celebrity endorsements, commercial, product placement on tv and in movies, sponsorships, in-store graphics, print ads, hang-tags, the music in its videos, the design of its website, product photography and so on.

Have you ever think why this strategy does matter and to what we should give preference logo design and branding?

Here is your question’s answer:-

Your consumer doesn’t experience your company’s logo design. They experience your brand services through your website/shop, product packaging.

Why a Businessman think that a logo is their Brand only:-

  • A good logo boosts the sale.

  • No matter what product they are selling or what the consumer is experiencing. They don’t give the preference to the overall branding.

  • They think only a good logo is enough to make a strong positive emotional reaction for their business.

If they don’t get good output then they assume the logo design is bad.
They think Nike has a strong emotional reaction that’s why it becomes a Brand.

But this is not a reality.

The real picture is:-

  • A logo is just a memory element.

  • No consumer wants to buy a shit product even its free.

  • When a consumer starts loving product then they will start recommending you and this is what you need for your brand.

  • If they find logo is familiar like Nike then it directly hit the consumer mind and remember all experience like you seeing your friend wearing Nike shoes, packaging of the product, celebrity endorsement what people talk about the Nike around you.

  • Then they decide to buy the latest collection of Nike’s products.

Now you got to understand why Nike is A Nike.

Here are some aspects our designer consider while working on:-

1. An Iconic Logo which will be familiar to your business.

2. Fonts which will make your project more attractive

3. Color Schemes which will suit on your visual design

4. Brand style guidance.

5. Consider the thing out of the box like signage, website, Hang tags,  paper type, and finishes, apparel, uniforms, product packaging, billboards, etc.

You are waiting for what now? Hire us and make your business a BRAND.


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